Other applications

Laser : a solution seeking problems

As Theodore Maiman, physicist who made the first-ever laser, said once: “laser is a solution seeking problems”, and nanosecond (or picosecond) lasers are no exception for this. This is why we have been striving for cooperation with various end-users on exciting projects that imply the use of our unique fibering system but also, more generally, our skills in optical design.

Nanosecond and picosecond laser fibering

Other applications than the ones mentioned in the other sections of our website, include LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy), where pulsed lasers vaporize the surface locally in order to analyze the part composition, but also Laser Ignition where a plasma is generated in the combustion chamber of an engine to replace traditional spark plugs.

The LightPanther system can also play a key role in applications where a broad optical spectrum is required. In fact, the huge peak powers (up to 70MW) that we are able to transmit through optical fibers make it possible to obtain broad spectrum (>1000nm, ranging from the visible to the IR) laser beam within a few tens of meters of propagation in standard fused silica fibers. This is attributed to numerous non-linear processes such as Raman scattering and self-phase modulation. The high level of energy density per nm can be beneficial for applications such as LIDAR or spectroscopy.

Optical design capabilities

More generally, we are optics experts who can contribute to the success of projects implying the conception and manufacturing of optical modules by bringing our competences in simulation (with Zemax for instance), optomechanical design and testing. These skills got us to be part of projects in domains that are as diverse as nuclear energy, defense or the biomedical industry.

We cannot wait to help you make the best out of optics in your application!